О портрете

Портретируемая - the young beautiful woman dressed in all white. If to look from afar, its(her) image, clothes and appearance remind sparkling silver. Considering(examining) a portrait is closer, we mark the cosmetics superb put on the person, the tinted eyebrowes and the eyes, the hairdress executed by the good hairdresser(barber), well-groomed fingers of hands with the nacreous nails, the expensive(dear) ornaments, perfectly tailored suit.
We see, with what professional skill the artist as the noble knight, executes wishes of fine lady. Looking at this portrait, are recollected пушкинские lines: « as in a mirror I see myself, but this mirror flatters me ». But V.Derjugin would not be itself if to this image obviously ordered by the client has not brought in something from itself, namely: this рефлексирующий light which we can observe in his(its) many works. And this light, as if solar зайчик, recovers model, gives задорность to a sight and a smile, silver light to a suit and hair.
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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