О портрете

The submitted portrait is one of the series of works created by the artist under the order of the All-Russia academy of an agriculture in which the author has created images of the most known and deserved academicians - аграрников. V.Derjugin has truly estimated applicability of a portrait series: it not domestic chamber images, and the portraits, called to decorate the big hall or foyer and intended for perception(recognition) from the big distance.
In the given work the image of the academician looks rather impressively, almost плакатно. The strict black jacket in which it is dressed портретируемый, is not detailed, and opposite, уплощается even more strongly to emphasize a silhouette of the big figure of model. Some light блесток, лауреатских badges, interrupt this deep black tone.
As background for портретируемого the card(map) with the image of a surface of the Earth where mountain sites are revealed, as if всполохи lightnings, sharp movements of a brush of the artist serves.
On the spectator the steadfast thoughtful sight умудренного is inverted by human life. Not absolutely correct features, the exposed to the wind invoice of a leather(skin), easy небритость speak that scientific work of the scientist passes not in calm of a study, and in field conditions, expeditions(dispatches).
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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