О портрете

Century Дерюгин - the pathetic singer of a positive portrait image. On its cloths you will not meet people of the gloomy, gloomy, deprived kindness and human heat. In Natasha's portrait the spectator can evidently see cheerful psychological handwriting of the artist. Having looked at this girl, it is necessary to be charged by positive emotions. Before us - сияющая a youth, fun, health and riches a nature. It really рубенсовская model, but without a strike of sexuality, excessive sensuality. In works Дерюгина of the woman are always chaste, their corporal beauty is not beyond decency.
Its attitude to model идеализированно, that also corresponds to the concept of classical style within the limits of which the master works. портретируемая appears at the spectator in the fine white order. Such satiny dress - destiny of persons from solvent families. Even if to not look at the person of model infecting the spectator by smiling mood, its dress, gathering in freakish folds, makes the same cheerful impression: it sparkles and сияет, being poured by shades. We see, how folds of a satiny fabric have fun, breathe, live the потаенной a passionate life. The hand портретируемой, rolling in these folds, tries to constrain their dynamics, but it is only cheerful game. It is visible, that the girl is enamoured in itself and in the dress. Corporal completeness and freshness of a leather of model is superb transferred. Locks of light hair are similar to folds of a fabric, same magnificent, curly, twisted, cheerful.
The warm brownish background, in contrast of model, quiet, neutral on sensations, also does not prevent to perceive to the spectator the basic fun
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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