О портрете

Skill of the artist - portraitist consists not only in skill to see and comprehend(overtake) all complexity of human soul but also to transfer its(her) such art means which would win an immovability of the image limited to one moment. In a portrait "Bride" V.Derjugin represents the girl in the wedding dress, taking place in sharp movement, a turn. From all portraits created by the artist, this, perhaps, the most courageous, unexpected, hazardous. In an image of model features of modern youth, generation of people without complexes and сантиментов see. And at the same time, it - the poetic image of the bride which have been not deprived of an emotional subtlety. Widely open eyes портретируемой look at the spectator with кокетством and some call. The mouth slightly opened in a smile, a colour on cheeks give out internal excitement. The picturesque decision of a picture is sustained in the spring color tones, casting to us smells of a bird cherry and a lilac, charm of a May evening decline when nightingales and all nature sing, having woken up, expects approach of a fertile summer(years). Time of love, time of weddings and expectations of happiness.
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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