О портрете

The self-portrait of the artist is created in traditions of art of Russian classicism of the end of 18-th - the beginnings of 19-th вв. F.Rokotov, K.Brjullov, L.Levitsky, V.Tropinin, to O.Kiprensky - a galaxy of oustanding Russian artists, which creativity became a reference point for V.Derjugina's own development.
The composition of a self-portrait is thought competently over in all parts. The color scale сдержана, is limited all to several paints, but due to use of voice-frequency opportunities amazing depth and vitality of the portrait image is reached(achieved). The image of the artist sees psychologically counterbalanced, concentrated on the skill.
In a self-portrait involves skill of the artist, similarly to the sculptor to mould the form of subjects and separate parts of a body of the person. Pay attention, how the person is represented. In it(him) are expressed not only external characteristics of model: the invoice of hair and beards, quality of a leather(skin), shine of eyes... But internal making forms of a head - its(her) anatomy and a design are well realized and felt. Under a leather(skin) we visually perceive bones of a forehead, a cheekbone, хрящик a nose. Dimensions is expressed is convex, трехмерно, approaching forms to geometrical bodies.
In the constructive plan this work reminds a self-portrait of oustanding French artist P.Sezanna. Similar academic skill testifies to V.Derjugina's skill to transfer in represented not only particulars but also to see behind them the whole.
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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Автопортрет - высказывание оранжевого цвета