О портрете

In V.Derjugin's this work puts graphic accent(stress) on decorative elegance of a portrait. The image of the wife of the artist acts from орнаментализированного the space composed from ancient Russian tiles and a fine black shawl with patterns, model covering a head.
The ornamental motives executed in Russian style give to a portrait certain(determined) national adjust, sending us to traditional images Russian боярынь.
And in this portrait the artist remains is true to classical traditions. The image of the woman is constrained, in something is strict, full of internal advantage, but from it is not less fine.
The person портретируемой, contrasting in the натуральности with conditional орнаментализированным space is very interesting. The sight of model is inverted on the spectator. (Here it is necessary to note special skill of the artist to organize a direction of a sight in portraits. It(he) is precisely designed for a site of the spectator worth directly on the centre of a picture.) the Sight of model is obviously nice to the author. These are eyes of the beautiful woman which the artist loves and tries to inform up to the spectator the feelings and sensations.
Dressed in all black, the wife of the artist obviously not the nun, and faster врубелевская a Tsarevna - swan, acting from space depth of a black shawl, as star destiny of the artist.
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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