О портрете

This family portrait shows V.Derjugina's skill in his(its) skill to work both in a genre of a portrait, and in a genre of a subject picture. The artist well transfers mood портретируемых. Adults are marked by feeling of high advantage, children are quiet and trustful. All are incorporated by love and attention to each other.
In the image there is no excessive sentimentality or sugariness into which the artist easily can run by transfer of idyll of family happiness. In it the portraitist is true to classical traditions. Colour of a picture is constrained on color, is based on voice-frequency expressiveness white and black, that gives represented a complete kind and pulls together portrait group is composite.
In V.Derjugin's this work resorts to reception of typification of images of models. The characteristic of persons informs the spectator their external and internal identity. Before us - family, and let their persons not in all are similar, we feel, that they are unusually close each other. Externally differing husband and the wife is connected with images of children who have incorporated features of parents. Organizing the movement of figures expressed in their gestures and poses, the artist manages to show their physical interrelation
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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