О портрете

Man's portrait in an armchair with heads овнов. At the first sight портретируемый makes impression of the strong commanding person. It is obvious, that the artist meaningly gives to an image character of an imperous nature. This person not simply takes a place in space of a picture, and literally absorbs in his(its) physical sizes. It(he) not simply sits in an armchair, and sits on an imagined throne which handles are decorated with the gilt zodiac marks imperous овнов. His(its) sight is inverted atop of heads of the spectators beholding his(its) shape. It(he) is similar to a statue древнеегипетского the pharaon.
The blinked eyes with the soft shine, the nose pressed by nose bridge, as at the boxer, compressed, almost bloodless lips, a strong-willed chin, a strong neck. And only in brushes of hands it is not felt forces and authoritativenesses. They are coddled and, probably, are poorly familiar with manual skills.
Colour of a picture простроен on brown and dark blue tones. In their shades it is difficult to catch presence of any bright feelings and moods. But also V.Derjugin's this image it is true to the principles. For him(it) the person - the wreath творенья and what it(he) was on the character, is allocated high and light reason.
wИскуствовед Некрылова Л.П.
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