Семейный портрет. Алина и Наташа.100х70см.холст, масло.2000г.
Алина и Наташа.100х70см.холст, масло.2000г

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Beauty of a pair portrait of "Sister" - in poetic (lyrical) appeal of youth and the childhood, in приподнятости the general(common) mood which is radiated by persons of these two charming creations. Their sights устремлены it is not direct on the spectator, and as though pass through him(it), looking in a fine distance of the future with readiness of acceptance of all unknown, but attracting. To creation of an image of serene light youth and the childhood, cleanliness of hopes of young models Such classical means of art expression, as invoice qualities of materials (складки a satiny fabric and a lace on a background of red plush), soft quiet illumination, a smooth surface of a picture, тоновое a variety serve. The composition of a picture is constructed on contrasts which give represented special appeal. So, light images of girls are especially expressively looked on a dark background. The white dress younger of sisters incurs "role" of a composite dominant. The red warm background contrasts with cold color of a dress of the senior sister. The background generalized in details also is opposed the figures which have been written out very particularly and in details. Skilful use of the given art receptions in a portrait can be counted the big creative good luck of the master.

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